Book Review – The Irresistible Introvert

The Irresistible Introvert book coverThe Irresistible Introvert: Harness the Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World by Michaela Chung

Michaela Chung, theĀ author of the blog Introvert Spring, breaks down the myth that only extroverts can be charismatic. Instead of pretending to be extroverted, introverts can use their unique strengths to be just as successful in this loud world. The book does a good job of explaining introversion and how the extroverted worldview can misinterpret quiet and reserved for shy or snobbish. The writing was very accessible with a mixture of personal anecdotes and scientific research, but it was also a little too self-helpy for my taste, especially in the second half which deals with methods to be a better introverted you. Overall, as an introvert, I like books that boost the view that introverts are just as capable, talented, and magnetic. While not as good as Quiet by Susan Cain, I still recommend this book.

The Literary Box #3

Time for another Quarterly Co. Literary Box!

Literary Box #3

This box was curated by author Kayla Rae Whitaker. It includes:

  • Kayla Rae Whitaker’s novelĀ The Animators with author notes included. She says that she wrote the novel because “I wanted to read a story about women making things with ferocity and obsession and discipline.”
  • The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson – a memoir and book about identity, gender, and family
  • The Annie Year by Stephanie Ash
  • A box of colored pencils
  • A bookmark designed by cartoonist Julie Doucet

Book Review – Moriarty

Moriarty book coverMoriarty by Anthony Horowitz

Once again, the game is on. Anthony Horowitz channels his best Arthur Conan Doyle in Moriarty, a novel that tells the story of what happened in the aftermath of the famous struggle at Reichenbach Falls. With the death of Professor Moriarty, a criminal vacuum has opened in London and an American crime lord by the name of Clarence Devereaux has come to fill it. Hot on his heels is Pinkerton investigator Frederick Chase. With the help of Scotland Yard Inspector Athelney Jones, a devoted student of Holmes’ deductive methods, Chase must navigate London’s underbelly to catch Devereaux before he cements his role as Moriarty’s successor. Mr. Horowitz masterfully recreates Holmes’ London with the same atmosphere and twisty plot turns. Athelney Jones and Frederick Chase fill the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson satisfactorily and the mystery unfolds at a good pace. Overall, this novel definitely fills any Sherlock Holmes craving.