Book Review – How to Read Novels Like a Professor

9780061340406How to Read Novels Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster

Review: Again, Professor Foster provides a witty and entertaining delve into the world of literature. This time, he takes readers into the wonderful world of novels. Professor Foster’s main point is that although novels are fiction and therefore entirely made up (no matter how close to real life they may seem), they still matter. I also appreciated his point about how authors may write a novel and intend one thing but books are nothing without readers and a reader may choose whichever interpretation speaks to him or her. I have to say that I really enjoy Professor Foster’s style of teaching. His books are funny, interesting and knowledgeable without being condescending. I highly recommend both this book and his previous text, “How to Read Literature Like a Professor.”

1 thought on “Book Review – How to Read Novels Like a Professor

  1. I read a book called “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” by Foster as well and I loved his style of writing. Will have to pick this one up and read it.

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