Book Review – A Royal Pain

A Royal PainA Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

Review: Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been reading too many romanc-ey/chick-lit-y novels lately and that might be affecting my opinion of this one but I’m thinking it was just bad. The protagonist was supposed to be a smart, independent woman and yet she became all desperate and needy whenever a man came into the picture. It was kinda disgusting and pathetic. I finished the book but just barely. I thought about putting it down several times especially when the protagonist was going through one of her many weepy, complaining phases. The whole “had-a-bad-experience-so-now-afraid-of-getting-hurt” plot device is a mainstay of this genre, I get that. But this one felt forced and unrealistic given how obvious it was that the guy would never leave her. This was a “romance” novel that was not at all sexy.

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