Book Review – First Love

First LoveFirst Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond

*Warning: this review contains substantial spoilers which were necessary to convey my thoughts.*

This book starts out promisingly with a girl and a guy going on a road trip. It gets a little ridiculous when they steal a motorcycle and then several cars without much consequence but, with a little suspension of disbelief, remains a cute little love story. However, about halfway through the book, you find out that both the main characters have cancer. Wait, what? That’s when you realize that you are reading a flagrant rip-off of “The Fault in Our Stars.” Even the characters are the same. The girl loves reading and meets her favorite author at some point during the trip. The guy is a charismatic goofball who everyone can’t help but love. Mr. Patterson, I’m disappointed. You have a gazillion other books, many of which are successful and original. I don’t think you really needed to try to muscle in on the John Green bandwagon and yet here I am reading your less-than-stellar version of it. Same storyline, none of the emotional depth.

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