Book Review – Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning by Neil GaimanTrigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

I have to remember that I shouldn’t read Neil Gaiman right before I go to bed. His darkly, beautiful prose is vivid enough to invade my dreams with eerie illusions. Trigger Warning is a collection of short stories and poems. While the collection doesn’t have a noticeably common thread, it does feel like the entries go together. The tone of the book is consistent and the writing is impeccable as you would come to expect from Neil Gaiman. I particularly enjoyed “Nothing O’Clock,” a story in the Doctor Who universe, and “The Sleeper and the Spindle,” a very interesting take on the Snow White and Sleeping Beauty fairytales. I whole-heartedly recommend Trigger Warning and Neil Gaiman in general as everything I have read has been expertly written and wonderfully creative.

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