Book Review – Summer at Castle Stone

Summer at Castle StoneSummer at Castle Stone by Lynn Marie Hulsman

Shayla Sheridan needs to get away. She’s just lost her job and her book deal. So what could be bad about a summer at a castle in Ireland? Shayla snaps up an opportunity to ghost write a book about Castle Stone’s reclusive chef Tom O’Grady, even if he doesn’t know she’s writing it. Summer at Castle Stone was just not very good. The main character, Shayla, became increasingly tiresome with her complaints and pining. Her character is also incredibly wishy-washy. The love interest, Tom O’Grady, is not much better. He’s rude and closed off and does not really change even after Shayla gets close to him. The chemistry between the two characters also felt off. It was missing the build up and falling in love phase. I found myself much more interested in the subplot involving Tom’s mother, who was a charming character, and the Earl of Castle Stone.

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