Book Review – Quiznot

Quiznot book coverQuiznot by Russell Stoll

Aside from a few minor typing errors, Quiznot was an impressive story. It was unlike any other book I’ve read and thoroughly engrossing. After several unexplained accidents, Timothy Starr is given the option of going to jail or a special school called Smithson. But when he arrives at Smithson, something feels off and he is thrust into an out-of-this-world adventure. Imaginative and engaging, Quiznot is a fun YA sci-fi novel.  Mr. Stoll has a gift for world-building and a knack for creating complex characters. The story builds through a steady course, using drama and plot in a balanced way. Throughout the book, I was felt both on the verge of discovering the over-arching mystery and lost in the utter uniqueness of the narrative. I recommend Quiznot as one of the best independent books I have read.

*Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this novel with a request for an honest review.*

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