Book Review – Outlander

Outlander book coverOutlander by Diana Gabaldon

This review will undoubtedly cause some strong feelings. I found Outlander to be mediocre. It is incredibly long and drags in the middle. I mean how many ways can Jamie and Claire save each other from death? How many times do they need to? I did enjoy the characters of Jamie and Claire. She is a strong, capable woman and he is a passionate, dauntless man. I can also see how Outlander can be turned into an entertaining, popular television series. The novel is broken down into episodic chunks with dramatic events every few chapters. However, I want to watch the series more than I want to read the rest of the novels.

3 thoughts on “Book Review – Outlander

  1. I don’t disagree with your assessment of them saving each other but I enjoyed the book regardless!!! Book 2 was better. 🙂

  2. I agree (in part) with your opinion, Jessica. Another problem with reading the series when they first came out in hardcover (several years ago) was that the dialect was part of the written word as well. I don’t know if they have carried that over into the recent re-releases in paperback. However, I listened to them as audio books (that was the hot technology then) to compensate for my brutal commute. I really enjoyed them in that format. The dramatic reading, really created an escape and I was sad to see the stories end.

    I have watched a couple of episodes of the TV series, it is fine, but what I found was that it messed with my already established mental pictures of the story from listening to the books, I still haven’t decided if I am ok with that.

  3. I agree. I tried to read it when it first came out and couldn’t get into it. I thought maybe I was too young, so I recently tried to read it again. Nope. Just not my cup of time travel tea.

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