Book Review – Pruno, Ramen and a Side of Hope

Pruno, Ramen and a Side of HopePruno, Ramen and a Side of Hope by Courtney B. Lance & Nikki D. Pope

Pruno, Ramen and a Side of Hope is filled with stories written by innocent people jailed for crimes they did not commit. It’s an inspiring look at the strength of the human spirit when faced with injustice. These are people whose lives were devastated. They spent years in prison and yet their grace, humility and determination shines in their own words. This book is authentic and goes through the full range of emotions. Read it for yourself and discover the stories of how these extraordinary people survived wrongful conviction and how it affected not only them but their loved ones as well. Wrongful conviction is real and innocent people are still incarcerated today. Pruno, Ramen and a Side of Hope is an important step in educating a wider audience about the flaws in our justice system and how they can be addressed. It is its own “side of hope” for exonerees, families and those still in prison and a portion of the proceeds goes to programs that help exonerate the innocent and those that help those exonerees put their lives back together.  

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