Book Review – Until Friday Night

Until Friday Night book coverUntil Friday Night by Abbi Glines

Warning: if you read this book, there will be tears. But, please, don’t let that stop you. The first in a new series by Abbi Glines, Until Friday Night, takes readers to a small Alabama town where Friday nights are reserved for football and everyone owns a pickup truck. West Ashby looks like he has it all: popularity, talent on the football field and the kind of good looks that make him cocky. Yet, he’s hiding the enormous pain of watching his father slowly die from cancer. Maggie Carleton knows all about the pain of losing a parent. She had to witness her father kill her mother and since that day she’s been silent. As West finally finds someone who understands his pain, Maggie begins to break her silence and maybe, they can save each other. This book has all the feels. The emotions felt incredibly real and I couldn’t put it down. Told in alternating first person, it is easy to get attached to West and Maggie when you see them so open and raw. Until Friday Night grabbed me and won’t let me go for awhile. Abbi Glines just ensured that I’ll keep reading this series.

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