Book Review – The Libby Garrett Intervention

The Libby Garrett Intervention book coverThe Libby Garrett Intervention by Kelly Oram

The follow-up to The Avery Shaw Experiment and the next book in Kelly Oram’s Science Squad series proves to be just as engaging as the first installment. Libby Garrett needs an intervention. She’s addicted to college basketball star Owen Jackson and she’s starting to self-destruct. Libby’s best friend, Avery, comes up with a plan to help Libby kick her Owen habit. She enlists her boss, Adam, to be Libby’s sponsor and take her through a personalized twelve-step program. Adam reluctantly takes on the job partly for selfish reasons. He wants the real Libby Garrett back, the one he’s had a crush on for years. Again it’s Ms. Oram’s characters that make this book shine. Libby is flawed, yes, but she’s also smart, weird and seriously sassy. Still, it’s Adam who is the novel’s real draw. His maturity, practicality and honesty made him more sexy than his good looks. I can get behind any book where the nerdy, smart girl gets the guy.

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