Bookish Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Time for my Bookish Gifts series… helping you find great gifts for a book lover in your life or giving you ideas for yourself! Check back every Friday from now until Christmas for more awesome bookish gifts.

1. Books Hair Barrette

Books Hair Barrette





2. Magical Book Stickers

Book Stickers







3. House Stark Bow Tie

House Stark Bow Tie









4. Certified Book Addict T-Shirt

Certified Book Addict T-Shirt







5. Finger Print Bookmark

Finger Print Bookmark






6. Peter Pan Book Sculpture

Peter Pan Book Sculpture







7. Bookaholic Throw Pillow

Bookaholic Throw Pillow








8. Book Earrings

Book Earrings






9. Custom Dated Book Stamp

Custom Dated Book Stamp







10. Anthology Candles

Anthology Candles



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