Book Review – Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again book coverUntil We Meet Again by Renee Collins

When Cassandra meets a strange boy on the private beach in front of her family’s summer house, she never imagines being swept up into a dangerous mystery almost one hundred years in the making. Cassandra soon learns that the boy, Lawrence, seems strange to her because he is really from 1925 and living in the same house that her family is renting. As their friendship blossoms into something deeper, Cassandra discovers something that puts Lawrence’s life in danger and they must find a way to change history. The time-travel elements in this book are pretty standard. Cassandra and Lawrence make an interesting couple; both searching for their places in life and helping each other find those places. However, it’s the descriptive aspects that shine. Ms. Collins’ writing has a beautifully haunting quality about it.

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