Book Review – While You Were Mine

While You Were Mine book coverWhile You Were Mine by Ann Howard Creel

Everyone else was celebrating. V-J Day, 1945. But Gwen Mullen returns to her apartment and her heart drops to the floor. There’s a soldier looking for her and she knows exactly why he has come. Almost a year prior, Gwen’s roommate left her baby in Gwen’s care and took off. Now her husband has returned home and is looking for his wife and child. Gwen is about to lose the little girl she has come to love as her own. Still, Gwen helps John learn to care for his daughter, even though she knows he will eventually take her away. This book has an interesting premise but the execution was slightly lacking. The plot felt choppy and melodramatic. Also, it had a weird shifting voice. The chapters from Gwen’s point of view were in the first person but the chapters from John’s were in the third person. I don’t know what purpose it served other than to be distracting. If Ms. Creel wanted to convey only Gwen’s inner monologue than she should have found a way to convey John’s feelings and actions from Gwen’s point of view.

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