Book Review – Scarred

Scarred book coverScarred by Joanne Macgregor

Sloane’s life was perfect. But after a life-changing car accident, she’s left with an ugly scar on the side of her face and hopefully a fresh start at a new school. When she recognizes Luke Naughton, the cute swimmer she used to see at meets, Sloane thinks that maybe her new start might not be so bad until she smiles at him and he sends a sneer back. Sloane is sure that her scar disgusts him and tries to keep her distance but when life keeps throwing them together, Sloane discovers that looks might be deceiving. Scarred is an unremarkable yet enjoyable YA novel about loss, bullying, and forgiveness. The story moves along at a good pace and I found the protagonist, Sloane, to be realistic and sympathetic. There were some overdramatic points toward the end but overall, it was a nice, easy read.

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