Book Review – This Sky

This Sky book coverThis Sky by Autumn Doughton

Gemma Sayers’ life just fell apart. She and someone’s cell phone camera caught her celebrity boyfriend cheating on her and now she is broke, homeless, and unemployed. Landon Young doesn’t have time for other people’s drama. He has enough of his own, but when Gemma and Landon meet, they discover that you don’t need to have everything in life figured out and having someone to figure it out with is better than going it alone. First of all, this novel is very well-written. Autumn Doughton’s writing has a melodic cadence I found appealing. Also, the story was believable and the characters felt real. There was no unnecessary drama or emotional upheaval just for the sake of creating conflict. Ms. Doughton’s characters created their own conflict by being flawed and authentic. I enjoyed This Sky very much.

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