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Book Review – The Rosie Project

The-Rosie-Project-w352The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Review: Mr. Simsion created a pretty impressive array of characters in “The Rosie Project.” The main character is Don, a genetics professor who is a high functioning Autistic man, although it is never explicitly stated. His journey to self-discovery and social acceptance is expressed through his relationship with Rosie, a “totally unsuitable partner.” But of course she turns out to be just what Don needs. I thought that this novel was well-paced and appealing. Not your average boy meets girl love story but that’s what made it a good read.

Book Review – Lexicon

LexiconLexicon by Max Barry

Review: For me this book falls somewhere between good and mediocre. It was slightly confusing for a while because it jumps between timelines in the past and present. The story became a little more compelling after the storylines began to converge. I think it had a cool sci-fi/fantasy concept about words having real power and how they can be used to persuade but I only moderately cared about the characters.