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Book Review – Ripped from the Pages

Ripped from the Pages book coverRipped from the Pages by Kate Carlisle

Kate Carlisle is one of my favorite authors. She really knows how to create a good, casual mystery. Brooklyn Wainwright, bookbinder extraordinaire and unfortunate dead body magnet, is back for another murder mystery this time in her hometown of Dharma. When the family winery begins an excavation of one of their storage caves, no one expects to find a 70-year-old dead body along with priceless treasures. Of course, Brooklyn and her hunky ex-MI6 boyfriend Derek are on the case. Ripped from the Pages is an easy summer read with a few twists to keep it interesting. I love the characters of Brooklyn and Derek and how they have evolved through the series. If you like mysteries, give Kate Carlisle a try!

Book Review – A Cookbook Conspiracy

A Cookbook ConspiracyA Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle

Review: Another entertaining Brooklyn Wainwright mystery involving blackmail, British spies during the American Revolution and a ton of gourmet food. I enjoy Ms. Carlisle’s mysteries immensely. Her characters feel real and unique.

Author Profile: Kate Carlisle

Born: Los Angeles, California Kate Carlisle

 Kate Carlisle began writing after a twenty plus year career as an Associate Director for various television game and variety shows. She worked as a Dating Game chaperone and performed on The Gong Show. After deciding to get out of show biz, Carlisle went to law school and during her first year she started writing fiction as a way to escape studying. She soon dropped out of law school and began taking writing classes. The rest, as they say, is history.

 Carlisle’s Bibliophile Mystery Series is currently seven novels plus one short story. The series centers on heroine Brooklyn Wainwright who is a rare book expert and bookbinder living in San Francisco. Brooklyn has a knack for solving mysteries in the books she restores and a proclivity for discovering dead bodies. I happen to love Brooklyn as a character because of her wit and passion for good books and good food.

In addition to writing mystery and crime novels, Carlisle is also a romance author. She has written five steamy romance novels. Carlisle is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America. She lives in Southern California with her husband.


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52 Books in 52 Weeks – Week #14

Peril in PaperbackPeril in Paperback by Kate Carlisle

Total Reading Time: 3.75 hours

Review: Kate Carlisle’s latest addition to her Bibliophile Mystery series is entertaining as always. Heroine Brooklyn Wainwright is funny and accessible and her man, Derek Stone, is a modern-day Mr. Darcy without the haughtiness. I especially like Brooklyn’s predilection for good food. It was very enjoyable. On a side note, I’ve decided that I’m a good consumer of mysteries because I sorta just go with the flow and therefore end up always surprised at the ending. Or maybe I’m just a bit dim in this area… can’t tell. Either way, I enjoy a good whodunit.