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Book Review – Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here book coverWish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams by Nick Webb

While this biography is tedious to read, it is clear that the subject matter is worth the effort. Douglas Adams was a unique talent. He was a technophile, incredibly creative, and full of life. Yet, he was also difficult to live with, egocentric, and a perfectionist. Mostly, he was gone too soon.

“He loved philosophical ideas, and had a natural grasp of them, but he knew that plonking them unadorned into the text would induce instant tedium followed by the heterodyne squeal of a million radios being retuned…Douglas’s genius was to sneak them into the reader’s brain camouflaged as a series of extremely good jokes. It is this serious underpinning of dazzling notions and intellect that made Hitchhiker’s so extraordinary.”

Author Nick Webb brings Adams to life while seemingly trying to emulate Adams’ irreverent writing style. But Douglas Adams he is not and the book ends up being too long and meandering with only flashes of Adamsesque flair. Still, I enjoyed learning more about the author that brought us the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

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Book Review – Jim Henson: The Biography

Jim Henson: The Biography book coverJim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones

“Simply, Jim Henson’s greatest legacy will always be Jim himself: the way he was, and the way he encouraged and inspired others to be—the simple grace and soft-spoken dignity he brought to the world (and expected, sometimes fruitlessly, of others), as well as his faith in a greater good that he believed he and his fellow inhabitants of the globe were capable of.”

Jim Henson was certainly one-of-a-kind. He was the creative genius behind one of the most enduring entertainment powerhouses. His exceptional life is heralded in this comprehensive biography, written with the generous cooperation of the Henson family. Beginning with his early life in Mississippi, the book details the ups and downs of the life through to his sadly sudden death in 1990. While certainly far from perfect, it is clear that Jim Henson was a great man and his legacy will live on through his tremendous achievements.

Book Review – Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own AutobiographyNeil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Just like the man himself, Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography is one-of-a-kind. Written in the style of the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, the reader gets to live out their own version of Neil’s life whether that is hosting the Tony Awards, playing Doogie Howser and Barney Stinson or going to Whitecastle with Harold and Kumar. His prose is quirky, funny and ever so cool. This autobiography is polished and thoroughly captivating just as I would expect from such a consummate entertainer. I would recommend reading this book in paper rather than e-format because it will be easier to flip back and forth through the adventure. So, if you want to read a delightful book about Neil Patrick Harris, go get this book. If none of the previous sentiments have convinced you to go read this book, go away and check your definition of fun.