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Check this out… Recovering the Classics

Recovering the Classics is a great initiative that crowdsources new creative covers for books in the public domain. Check out some of the gorgeous art that people have contributed…

Pride & Prejudice book cover

Don Quixote book cover

The Metamorphosis book cover

The Three Musketeers book cover



Check this out… 32 of the Most Beautiful Book Covers of 2014

32 of the Most Beautiful Books Covers of 2014 via Buzz Feed

Beautiful Book Covers of 2014

Check this out… Harry Potter Book Covers Reimagined as GIFs

Harry Potter Book Covers Reimagined as Gifs via BuzzFeed

These are pretty cool!

Check this out… 22 Minimalist Book Covers

22 minimalist book covers of sci-fi and fantasy classics via Ebook Friendly

Ultimate-Geek-Collection-sci-fi-book-covers-all-540x1157 (2)

Check this out… Book Covers Before and After

Book Covers: Before and After via New York Times

Four designers discuss their work on recent book covers: first a concept that didn’t make the final cut, and then the cover that ended up on the book.