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Check this out… 21 Graphic Tees That Book Lovers Will Adore

21 Graphic Tees That Book Lovers Will Adore via Bustle

Yep, pretty much need ALL of these!

Great Gatsby graphic tee

Check this out… 13 Things Books Lovers are Tired of Hearing

13 Things Books Lovers are Tired of Hearing via BuzzFeed

Luckily, anyone who knows me has just stopped saying any of these. =)

Check this out… 10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know

10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know via The Huffington Post

BookRiot Quarterly Box #1

Yay! I received my first Quarterly Box from BookRiot. As those who regularly read this blog will know, I frequent the BookRiot blog for awesome book tidbits to share and when I saw that they were starting a subscription box, I quickly signed up. For $50 per quarter, I receive a box put together by the BookRiot staff, including an underrated book.

Here are the contents of my first box:


So, I’ve already read the book, Lexicon by Max Barry, but I definitely approve of its inclusion in the box. Also, this version includes little Post-It notes scattered throughout the book with notes from Mr. Barry about the people, places and ideas in the novel. I thought that was a pretty cool idea. The rest of the contents of the box are book-related paraphernalia including some pencils, a small notebook, an excerpt from a book releasing in February called “Never Have I Ever” and a “Book Lover’s Calendar” which I’m super excited to peruse. So if you’re interested, you can click here to subscribe for the next box.

Check this out… 24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

24 Insanely Clever Gifts for Book Lovers via BuzzFeed

Only 9 more shopping days until Christmas! Hopefully this will help any of you who are still trying to find the perfect gift for the book lover in your life.

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