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Bookish Gifts

Here’s the last installment of bookish gifts for 2016. I tried to include mostly stuff you might be able to overnight ship since Christmas is coming up fast! Otherwise, you can save these ideas for later.

  1. Johanna Basford 2017 Coloring Book Calendar
    Johanna Basford 2017 coloring calendar
  2. Classic Book Cover Cushion
    Classic book cover cushion
  3. Romeo & Julienne Cutting Board
    Romeo & Julienne cutting board
  4. So Many Colorful Books Leggings
    so many colorful books leggings
  5. Squad Goals of Stoneybrook Tote Bag
    Babysitters Club tote bag
  6. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder
    thumb thing book page holder
  7. Reading Journal
    reading journal
  8. Card Catalog with 30 Notecards from the Library of Congress
    card  catalog
  9. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Socks
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy socks
  10. Marvel Little Golden Book Library
    Marvel Little Golden Book library

Bookish Gifts

It’s that time of year again. Bookish gifts for yourself and/or the book lover in your life. Check back every Friday from now until Christmas for awesome gift ideas.

  1. Book Bento Box
    Book Bento
  2. Book of Forbidden Knowledge Pin
    Book of Forbidden Knowledge pin
  3. Go Away I’m Reading Pocket Mirror
    Go Away I'm Reading pocket mirror
  4. From the Library of Stamp
    From the Library of Stamp
  5. Readers are Leaders Tee
    Readers are Leaders Tee
  6. Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf
    Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf
  7. Hanging Book Shelf
    Hanging Book Shelf
  8. Evolution of Literature Art Print
    Evolution of Literature Art Print
  9. Sherlock Holmes Brass Cuff Bracelet
    Sherlock Holmes Brass Cuff Bracelet
  10. Harry Potter Bubble Bath Set
    Harry Potter Bubble Bath Set


Bookish Gifts

Last chance for some bookish gift ideas for Christmas!

1. Jane Austen Mug

Jane Austen Mug

2. Book Bracelet

Book Bracelet

3. High Shelf Esteem Sweatshirt

High Shelf Esteem Sweatshirt

4. Mischief Managed Toms

Mischief Managed Toms

5. Let’s Read Art Print

Let's Read Art Print

6. Book Love Throw Pillow

Book Love Throw Pillow

7. Never Judge Metal Bookmark

Metal Bookmark

8. Hobbit Hole Best Friends Lockets

Hobbit Hole Best Friend Lockets

9. Personalized Wire Bookmark

Personalized Wire Bookmark

10. Reading Kitty Necklace

Reading Kitty Necklace


Bookish Gifts

1. Personal Library Kit

Personal Library Kit

2. Christmas Carol Snowflake Necklace

Christmas Carol Snowflake Necklace

3. Book on Book

Book on Book

4. Devout Janeite Shirt

Devout Janeite Shirt

5. Vintage Book Jewelry Box

Vintage Book Jewelry Box

6. AT-AT Book Ends

AT-AT Book Ends

7. Hogwarts House Adult Onesie

Hogwarts House Adult Onesie

8. Banned Books Buttons

Banned Books Buttons

9. Book Page Wrapped Pencils

Book Page Wrapped Pencils

10. Vintage Bookplate Stickers

Vintage Bookplate Stickers


Bookish Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Time for my Bookish Gifts series… helping you find great gifts for a book lover in your life or giving you ideas for yourself! Check back every Friday from now until Christmas for more awesome bookish gifts.

1. Books Hair Barrette

Books Hair Barrette





2. Magical Book Stickers

Book Stickers







3. House Stark Bow Tie

House Stark Bow Tie









4. Certified Book Addict T-Shirt

Certified Book Addict T-Shirt







5. Finger Print Bookmark

Finger Print Bookmark






6. Peter Pan Book Sculpture

Peter Pan Book Sculpture







7. Bookaholic Throw Pillow

Bookaholic Throw Pillow








8. Book Earrings

Book Earrings






9. Custom Dated Book Stamp

Custom Dated Book Stamp







10. Anthology Candles

Anthology Candles



Bookish Gifts

Last Bookish Gifts before Christmas!

1. American Gods T-Shirt
American Gods T-Shirt

2. Mark Twain Bobblehead
Mark Twain Bobblehead

3. Stack of Books Earrings
Stack of Books Earrings

4. Kindle Book Cover Case
Kindle Book Cover Case

5. Deathly Hallows Maxi Skirt
Deathly Hallows Maxi Skirt

6. Albatros Bookmark
Albatros Bookmark

7. Book Clutch
Book Clutch

8. Book Bouquet
Book Bouquet

9. Emily Dickinson Tights

10. Novel Teas
Novel Teas

Bookish Gifts

Only 12 more days to get awesome bookish gifts for Christmas!

1. Brooch from House of Ismay
Book Page Brooch - The Raven

2. Reading Family Car Decal Set
Reading Family Decals

3. Great Gatsby Bow Tie Necklace
Bow Tie Necklace

4. Shakespearean Lip Balm
Shakespearean Lip Balm

5. Grammar Police T-Shirt
Grammar Police T-Shirt

6. One Ring Pillow
Lord of The Rings Ring Pillow

7. A Tale of Two Cities Book Scarf
A Tale of Two Cities Book Scarf

8. Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal
Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal

9. Literary Origami Stars Bracelet
Literary Origami Stars Bracelet

10. Atticus Finch, Attorney at Law T-Shirt
Atticus Finch T-Shirt

Bookish Gifts

Here are ten more ideas for literary largess for your literary loved one.

1. Literary Coaster Set
Literary Coasters


2. Seeker’s Quest Necklace
Seeker's Quest Necklace

3. Handcut Bookmarks

4. Jane Austen Bandages
Jane Austen Bandages

5. Oscar Wilde Star Cuff Links
Oscar Wilde Star Cufflinks

6. Bookworm Onesie
Bookworm Onesie

7. Folded Book Art
Folded Book Art

8. St. Jerome Statue: Patron Saint of Librarians, Book Lovers & Scholars
Saint Jerome

9. Library Card Necktie
Library Card Necktie

10. Daily Prophet Leggings
Daily Prophet Leggings


Bookish Gifts

Happy Black Friday and the beginning of the best season of the year! Every Friday between now and Christmas, I will be posting a list of awesome gifts for the book lover in your life or for yourself! (Really, don’t hesitate to treat yourself. You deserve it!)

1. Wooden Book Necklace

2. Personalized Owl Book Plates

3. Letterary Press Cards

4. Leather Book iPhone Case

5. I *Heart* Books Brooch

6. Mr. Darcy Plush Doll

7. Just the Right Book gift subscription

8. Reading is a Party for Your Brain T-Shirt

9. Babar’s Yoga for Elephants Tote Bag

Babar Tote Bag

10. Book Shaped Dishware