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Check this out… In Defense of the TBR Pile

In Defense of the TBR Pile via BookRiot

Read this opinion piece defending the never-ending “to-be-read” list. And all you “book hoarders” out there, be proud!

How many books are in your TBR list or pile? Do you keep an actual pile of unread books or, like me, is it a digital list in Excel or on Goodreads? Hit the comments to discuss!

Check this out… Studies Show: Fewer People Reading Scrolls

Studies Show: Fewer People Reading Scrolls via BookRiot

[The following fragment (once part of a scroll) was recently discovered when construction workers were razing a timeless architectural wonder somewhere in Greece.] Read more here.

Check this out… They’re Never Just Books

They’re Never Just Books via BookRiot

I’ve never been able to express this feeling as eloquently and honestly as this article. Read it and I think you’ll find yourself nodding along.

Check this out… How to Kill Off Characters

How to Kill Off Characters via BookRiot

What’s the best way to kill off a character? How do you kill off a character without pissing off the reader so much that they just give up? Read more to find out what one person thinks…

This article contains spoilers… you have been warned! =D

Book Riot Quarterly Box #2

Let’s take a look at the second BookRiot Quarterly Box!


This box included “Parnassus on Wheels,” a novella by Christopher Morley, “Judging a Book by Its Lover” by Lauren Leto which I’m excited to read, a tin of book dart bookmarks, a “Yay! Books!” magnet which promptly went up on my fridge, a banned books mug and a flash drive loaded with a introduction to Short Story Thursdays.

If you would like to get your hands on the next installment of BookRiot’s Quarterly Box, you can sign up here.

Check this out… 10 Pieces of Jane Austen swag

10 Pieces of Jane Austen swag via BookRiot

Fun little tidbits for any Austenite or book lover. I particularly love the Dewey Decimal ring & the purse.

Check this out… “The Decline and Fall of the Book Reviewing Empire”

“Please sir! A book recommendation sir! oh please!”

Check out this opinion piece “The Decline and Fall of the Book Reviewing Empire” via BookRiot.

I found it incredibly interesting and would love to know your opinion. Leave a comment!