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Check this out… 24 Books to Read in Under One Hour

24 books to read in under one hour via ebookfriendly

For any time-strapped readers out there…


24 books you can read in under one hour infographic

Check this out… A Grand Treasury of Shakespearean Insults

A Grand Treasury of Shakespearean Insults via ebookfriendly

Shakespearean Insults

Check this out… SummHarry

SummHarry via ebookfriendly

Author & illustrator Lucy Kinsley drew this awesome graphic that encompasses the entire plot of the Harry Potter series in one big chart. Click to enlarge!

Check this out… Top 100 Books Loved by Facebook Users

Top 100 Books Loved by Facebook Users via ebookfriendly

If you weren’t previously aware, last year Facebook began asking its users to list ten books that have stayed with them. This summer the posts went viral and hundreds of thousands of people participated. Facebook aggregated that data into the top 100 books mentioned and created this cool infographic showing how the books related to each other. Click the link to see the full list of books. How many have you read?

Click picture to enlarge.

Check this out… 24 Books that Predicted the Future

24 Books that Predicted the Future via ebookfriendly


Check this out… 32 Differences Between Children’s Books and Their Movies

32 Differences Between Children’s Books and Their Movies via ebookfriendly

Spoiler alert! This infographic has spoilers for both books & movies.