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J.K. Rowling and ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Pay Tribute to Alan Rickman

Wand tribute GIF

Raise your wands in honor of Alan Rickman, who died today.  Although I will remember him for many of his great roles, he will always be first and foremost, Professor Snape.

Read some tributes to him by J.K. Rowling and other Harry Potter fans here.

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Last chance for some bookish gift ideas for Christmas!

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Happy Halloween!

I will leave you to browse these awesome Harry Potter themed pumpkins via BuzzFeed

This one is my favorite…

Pumpkin with Lumos carved into it


Check this out… Gender Ratio in Popular Fiction

Gender ratio in popular fiction via Ebook Friendly

Gender ratio in popular fiction infographic

Bookish Gifts

Here are ten more ideas for literary largess for your literary loved one.

1. Literary Coaster Set
Literary Coasters


2. Seeker’s Quest Necklace
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3. Handcut Bookmarks

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Check this out… SummHarry

SummHarry via ebookfriendly

Author & illustrator Lucy Kinsley drew this awesome graphic that encompasses the entire plot of the Harry Potter series in one big chart. Click to enlarge!

Check this out… Harry Potter Covers from Around the World

Harry Potter Covers from Around the World via Chasing the Turtle

Click link or picture to see a closer view!

Harry Potter Covers Around the World


Check this out… 5 Stages of Grief When Bad Things Happen to Beloved Characters

5 Stages of Grief When Bad Things Happen to Beloved Characters via Book Riot

This is spot on! And I will NEVER get over the death of Sirius Black! Whose death will you never get over?

Check this out… 32 Differences Between Children’s Books and Their Movies

32 Differences Between Children’s Books and Their Movies via ebookfriendly

Spoiler alert! This infographic has spoilers for both books & movies.