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Book Review – The Property

The Property book coverThe Property by Rutu Modan, translated by Jessica Cohen

Using a simple but beautiful art style, Rutu Modan tells the story of Regina Segal and her granddaughter Mica, who travel from Israel to Warsaw, Poland in an effort to reclaim a family property lost during World War II. The story evolves into a tale of family secrets and how the past can haunt. The prose is sharp and complements the art. Overall, a very good graphic novel. 

Book Review – A Vintage Affair

A Vintage AffairA Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

Review: The more I thought about this book after I finished reading, the less I actually liked it. At first, I thought “Nice little chick-lit novel.” But now, I’m downgrading it to just mediocre story. I don’t really want to classify it as chick-lit anymore since it was not as light-hearted as most of the chick-lit stories I’ve read. It’s got slightly depressing drama including mentions of the Holocaust and an apparent suicide which just doesn’t lend itself to fun romance. And, although, the ending was wrapped up and hopeful, it still left something to be desired. So, overall, I’m calling this one just okay.