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Book Review – Summer at Castle Stone

Summer at Castle StoneSummer at Castle Stone by Lynn Marie Hulsman

Shayla Sheridan needs to get away. She’s just lost her job and her book deal. So what could be bad about a summer at a castle in Ireland? Shayla snaps up an opportunity to ghost write a book about Castle Stone’s reclusive chef Tom O’Grady, even if he doesn’t know she’s writing it. Summer at Castle Stone was just not very good. The main character, Shayla, became increasingly tiresome with her complaints and pining. Her character is also incredibly wishy-washy. The love interest, Tom O’Grady, is not much better. He’s rude and closed off and does not really change even after Shayla gets close to him. The chemistry between the two characters also felt off. It was missing the build up and falling in love phase. I found myself much more interested in the subplot involving Tom’s mother, who was a charming character, and the Earl of Castle Stone.

Book Review – Potato: A History of the Propitious Esculent

PotatoPotato: A History of the Propitious Esculent by John Reader

Review: I received this book as a Christmas present from my sister who said she expected to see it on my blog at some point. So, here it is. Now I know that an entire book about potatoes might seem incredibly boring at first glance, but I happen to love both learning new things and potatoes. This book is a vindication of my often expressed feeling that potatoes are the perfect food. Mr. Reader goes into detail about the history of wild and domesticated potatoes and how potato cultivation played a large role in world history. Potatoes are a hardier crop than most grains making them easier to grow in harsh and colder climates. Yet, they are also a very efficient source of protein, vitamins and slow-carbohydrates. I have just one complaint about this book and that is I felt that some of the history sections veered too far into general history having nothing to do with potatoes. I felt those sections while somewhat interesting were unnecessary. However, in general, the book is well-researched and very informative without being too dry. And now, I need to go find something potato to eat…