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Check this out… Jane Austen Zingers

Jane Austen Zingers: The 15 Best Disses and One-Liners from “Pride and Prejudice” via Flavorwire


Emma Wordle

The 20 most common nouns in Emma by Jane Austen.

Word cloud for Emma by Jane Austen


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Book Review – Interference

Interference book coverInterference by Kay Honeyman

Kate Hamilton likes to “interfere” and it mostly gets her in trouble. When her Congressman father decides to run in a special election in his hometown in West Texas, Kate finds herself out of her usual Washington D.C. element and thrust into a world where football is king. As things get off to a rocky start, Kate keeps running into an irritating boy, Hunter, every time she screws up. Can she finally use her good intentions and machinations to help make this new place home? Kay Honeyman takes a somewhat bland YA retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma and saves it through her characters. Kate, like Emma, tends to annoy me as a reader as she continually messes with the lives of the good people around her but Kate seems to have better motivations for her interference. And of course, it is Hunter that draws all the attention just as Mr. Knightly is the perfect gentleman. I enjoyed this retelling by the end but it lacked imagination in spinning the West Texas, football, political campaign, and high school dramatics all together in a cohesive story.

Check this out… Jane Austen’s Novels Ranked

Jane Austen’s Novels Ranked via Publisher’s Weekly

In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday, later this week (Dec. 16th), here is a ranking of her novels. Do you agree?


Persuasion Wordle

The 20 most common nouns in Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion word cloud

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Check this out… 10 Things You May Not Know About “Pride and Prejudice”

10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Pride and Prejudice’ via Mental Floss

In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday on December 16th.

Pride and Prejudice book cover