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Book Review – By Your Side

By Your Side book coverBy Your Side by Kasie West

When Autumn Collins finds herself locked in the library during a three-day weekend, she thinks that things cannot get worse, but then she discovers that she’s locked in with Dax Miller. Autumn doesn’t know much about Dax except that he spent some time in juvie, but she needs to put that aside in order to survive the weekend because Dax is the one with the warm clothes and money for the vending machine. Soon she discovers they have a surprising connection. I generally like Kasie West and this book was also a good, quick, easy read. Autumn and Dax were refreshing characters and their flaws were credible. I particularly liked the character development for both Autumn and Dax.

Book Review – P.S. I Like You

P.S. I Like YouP.S. I Like You by Kasie West

In a new young adult take on You’ve Got Mail and The Shop Around the Corner, Kasie West crafts a truly emotional story. Lily Abbott really hates chemistry class and in her boredom scrawls a lyric from one of her favorite esoteric bands onto her desk. She’s surprised to see that the next day, someone has written the next line from the song. So begins a correspondence through notes hidden in the desk with a mystery pen pal that seems to understand Lily like no one else. I read P.S. I Like You in one sitting, actually forgoing some sleep. I couldn’t put it down. While somewhat predictable, I still thoroughly enjoyed watching the story play out and listening to the two characters write their hearts out to each other. This novel was simply a feel-good read.

Book Review – The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between UsThe Distance Between Us by Kasie West

Review: Very nice little beach read! I read this book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ms. West created a contemporary, YA-romance/coming-of-age story that felt fresh. Yes, I knew that it was going to have a happy ending but it still felt original. I especially liked the heroine, Caymen Meyers. She was sarcastic and real. I think my only complaintand it’s minorwould be that Caymen worked in and spent a lot of time in a porcelain doll shop. Every time I read about the dolls, I would picture some in my head and it was a little creepy. But who knows, maybe Ms. West meant for her readers to be thrown off-guard by the dolls.