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Check this out… 30 Cartoons about eBooks and Digital Reading

 30 Cartoons about eBooks and Digital Reading via ebook friendly

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Bookish Gifts

Last Bookish Gifts before Christmas!

1. American Gods T-Shirt
American Gods T-Shirt

2. Mark Twain Bobblehead
Mark Twain Bobblehead

3. Stack of Books Earrings
Stack of Books Earrings

4. Kindle Book Cover Case
Kindle Book Cover Case

5. Deathly Hallows Maxi Skirt
Deathly Hallows Maxi Skirt

6. Albatros Bookmark
Albatros Bookmark

7. Book Clutch
Book Clutch

8. Book Bouquet
Book Bouquet

9. Emily Dickinson Tights

10. Novel Teas
Novel Teas

Check this out… Ebooks vs. Paper Books

Ebooks vs. Paper Books Infographic via Ebook Friendly

I read the majority of my books on Kindle for mainly environmental and space reasons but I still love the smell of paper books and read them.

Which do you prefer?