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Book Review – Judging a Book by Its Lover

Judging a Book by Its LoverJudging a Book by Its Lover: A Field Guide to the Hearts and Minds of Readers Everywhere by Lauren Leto

Review: Ms. Leto, the woman behind the “Texts from Last Night” blog has created a primer for anyone who wants to enter the sometimes fraught literary world. She is sparklingly snarky and irreverent in the best of ways, both castigating and revering many of the most well-known and “important” authors and books. Her book is aimed at bibliophiles and those who want people to think they are bibliophiles. It includes wonderful chapters such as “Ten Rules for Bookstore Hookups,” “How to Speak Condescendingly About the Most Revered Authors/Literary Works” and “How to Succeed in Classifying Fiction Without Really Trying.” There is also a rather lengthy chapter detailing how to fake like you’ve read a whole bunch of different authors including Jack Keourac, Ayn Rand and William Faulkner. It was a delightful acerbic glimpse into the world of literature.

Book Riot Quarterly Box #2

Let’s take a look at the second BookRiot Quarterly Box!


This box included “Parnassus on Wheels,” a novella by Christopher Morley, “Judging a Book by Its Lover” by Lauren Leto which I’m excited to read, a tin of book dart bookmarks, a “Yay! Books!” magnet which promptly went up on my fridge, a banned books mug and a flash drive loaded with a introduction to Short Story Thursdays.

If you would like to get your hands on the next installment of BookRiot’s Quarterly Box, you can sign up here.