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BookRiot Quarterly Box #1

Yay! I received my first Quarterly Box from BookRiot. As those who regularly read this blog will know, I frequent the BookRiot blog for awesome book tidbits to share and when I saw that they were starting a subscription box, I quickly signed up. For $50 per quarter, I receive a box put together by the BookRiot staff, including an underrated book.

Here are the contents of my first box:


So, I’ve already read the book, Lexicon by Max Barry, but I definitely approve of its inclusion in the box. Also, this version includes little Post-It notes scattered throughout the book with notes from Mr. Barry about the people, places and ideas in the novel. I thought that was a pretty cool idea. The rest of the contents of the box are book-related paraphernalia including some pencils, a small notebook, an excerpt from a book releasing in February called “Never Have I Ever” and a “Book Lover’s Calendar” which I’m super excited to peruse. So if you’re interested, you can click here to subscribe for the next box.

Book Review – Lexicon

LexiconLexicon by Max Barry

Review: For me this book falls somewhere between good and mediocre. It was slightly confusing for a while because it jumps between timelines in the past and present. The story became a little more compelling after the storylines began to converge. I think it had a cool sci-fi/fantasy concept about words having real power and how they can be used to persuade but I only moderately cared about the characters.