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Check this out… Jane Austen’s Novels Ranked

Jane Austen’s Novels Ranked via Publisher’s Weekly

In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday, later this week (Dec. 16th), here is a ranking of her novels. Do you agree?


Persuasion Wordle

The 20 most common nouns in Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion word cloud

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In addition to being thankful for all my readers (that’s you!), here are 15 books I’m thankful  for… Which books are you thankful for?

Books I'm Thankful For

Books I'm Thankful For

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Book Review – The Last Best Kiss

The Last Best KissThe Last Best Kiss by Claire LaZebnik

It’s Anna Eliot’s senior year of high school and she hasn’t had a boyfriend since she ditched Finn Westbrook at their freshman dance because she was afraid her friends wouldn’t approve. Finn subsequently moved away but now three years later, he’s back and has Anna’s friends fighting over the cute new guy. Can Finn forgive Anna for being weak? Ms. LaZebnik has created a fun, breezy adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” I especially liked the modern adaptation of Captain Wentworth’s character, Finn Westbrook. He was likeably nerdy, referencing several pop culture tidbits like League of Legends and Battlestar Galactica, which I enjoyed. I might be a tad biased since “Persusasion” is my favorite Austen but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It’s an easy summer beach read and lovely escapism for my fellow Austenites.

Book Review – Searching for Captain Wentworth

Searching for Captain WentworthSearching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe

Review: This novel takes place both in Regency and modern-day Bath. The heroine, Sophie Elliot, finds herself transported back into the body of her ancestor living in Regency Bath next door to Jane Austen’s family. Overall, I’d give it an okay.  Interestingly, I found myself more drawn to the story when it was in the modern time period. You’d think with my love for Jane Austen and especially “Persuasion,” which plays a role in the story, that I would have liked the Regency angle more. I’m not sure exactly why but the sections in Regency time seemed, maybe, long-winded. And I liked the love interest from modern-day Bath more than the one from Regency Bath. I suppose that probably has something to do with my feelings on the matter. *sheepish grin*

52 Books in 52 Weeks – Week #41

For Darkness Shows the StarsFor Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

Total Reading Time: 4 hours

Review: Part Jane Austen and part H.G. Wells, this post-apocalyptic YA romance was actually rather good. It did meander a bit in the middle but I devoured it fairly quickly. Based on one of my favorite Jane Austen novels, Persuasion, I enjoyed how the little Austen-ian nods mixed with the science fiction elements. All in all a good story exploring class, arrogance and how too much of anything can be dangerous.