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Peter Pan Wordle

My word cloud for Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Click to enlarge.

Peter Pan wordle art


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Book Review – Second Star

Second StarSecond Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

“Second Star” is a modern, retelling of Peter Pan. But instead of pixies, pirates and Neverland, this story has surfing, a drug called fairy dust and flying on waves. Wendy Darling goes in search of her surf bum brothers, John and Michael, who disappeared nine months ago. While everyone else believes they drowned in a surfing accident, Wendy is certain they are still out there looking for the next big wave. On her search, Wendy meets Pete, Belle and the boys, who live in an abandoned coastal house and spend their days surfing. Pete offers to teach her how to surf and she immediately becomes enamored with the feeling of “flying.” There are some twists. I definitely did not see the twists coming which is a compliment to Ms. Sheinmel’s story construction. I’m still not quite sure about the ending. It felt a little abrupt and vague. However,  I think this was an artful modernization of a classic story. I’d recommend this to fans of the Peter Pan story and fans of YA lit.