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Book Review – Moriarty

Moriarty book coverMoriarty by Anthony Horowitz

Once again, the game is on. Anthony Horowitz channels his best Arthur Conan Doyle in Moriarty, a novel that tells the story of what happened in the aftermath of the famous struggle at Reichenbach Falls. With the death of Professor Moriarty, a criminal vacuum has opened in London and an American crime lord by the name of Clarence Devereaux has come to fill it. Hot on his heels is Pinkerton investigator Frederick Chase. With the help of Scotland Yard Inspector Athelney Jones, a devoted student of Holmes’ deductive methods, Chase must navigate London’s underbelly to catch Devereaux before he cements his role as Moriarty’s successor. Mr. Horowitz masterfully recreates Holmes’ London with the same atmosphere and twisty plot turns. Athelney Jones and Frederick Chase fill the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson satisfactorily and the mystery unfolds at a good pace. Overall, this novel definitely fills any Sherlock Holmes craving.

Book Review – A Study in Charlotte

A Study in Charlotte book coverA Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

What would happen if the teenage descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson met at a Connecticut boarding school and there just happened to be a murder there? Well, obviously Charlotte Holmes and James Watson were destined to become friends and solve the mystery together. A Study in Charlotte is a fun-filled Sherlockian homage with fascinating characters who have both similarities to and differences from their literary ancestors. The plot told, as it should be, from Watson’s point-of-view, is engaging and well-paced. I’m excited to see where Brittany Cavallaro takes her characters next.

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Book Review – The Sign of Four

The Sign of FourThe Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle

Review: This was the first Sherlock Holmes story I have ever read. There is no doubt that Conan Doyle is a great writer. His wordsmithing skills shine through every page. I chose this particular Holmes because I had not heard anything about it or seen any adaptations. I wanted to remain surprised at the outcome. However, there might be a reason this mystery has not been adapted. While still fairly good and very much like what I expected from Sherlock Holmes, it was not, I think, the best example of Sherlockian literature. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

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Book Review – The Sherlockian

The SherlockianThe Sherlockian by Graham Moore

Review: This story consists of pretty good interlocking mysteries. It was a good homage to both Sherlock Holmes and his creator Arthur Conan Doyle. While there was a slight twist, it was not as good as a Holmes tale. However, the book was still entertaining to the end. On a side note, I have thoroughly enjoyed the recent resurrections of Sherlock Holmes on the big and small screen but this book makes me want to go back to the original words of Dr. Doyle.