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Check this out… 25 Words that are Their Own Opposites

25 Words that are Their Own Opposites via Mental Floss

The English language is weird!

Trim vs Trim

Check this out… 10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know

10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know via The Huffington Post

Book Review – The Lover’s Dictionary

The Lover's DictionaryThe Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

Review: Sparkling, resonant, modern, fleeting, lasting, true

Book Review – Lexicon

LexiconLexicon by Max Barry

Review: For me this book falls somewhere between good and mediocre. It was slightly confusing for a while because it jumps between timelines in the past and present. The story became a little more compelling after the storylines began to converge. I think it had a cool sci-fi/fantasy concept about words having real power and how they can be used to persuade but I only moderately cared about the characters.