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Book Review – Timebound

TimeboundTimebound by Rysa Walker

Review: This is the first book in what I’m assuming will be a series about a teenage girl, Kate, who has inherited the ability to jump through time using an antique medallion. I thought it was a pretty good story overall. The time travel elements were fine though they did not add anything new. There are still time shifts, alternate timelines and bad consequences if you see yourself. However, the characters and story kept me interested until the end and beyond as I will probably keep reading the series.

Check this out… 25 “Adult” Books for Fans of YA Lit

25 “Adult” Books for Fans of YA Lit  via EpicReads.com

Being a reader of both YA and “adult” books, I can vouch for The Color of Magic, The Night Circus, The Magicians, and Ready Player One as being great reads.

Do you really think it matters what age group the book is meant for? Do you read YA lit even though you’re an “adult”? Hit the comments to discuss!

Book Review – My Life Next Door

My Life Next DoorMy Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Review: This was a good first novel from Ms. Fitzpatrick. I liked the coming-of-age and first love aspects of the story. It also had some nice surprises in the character development. There was a lot of drama toward the end and I felt that the ending was rushed but nevertheless, it was satisfying.